“Dollar Rate” Becomes Hot Topic and Most Searched Term in Iran

Dollar Rate Becomes Hot Topic and Most Searched Term in Iran

As the Iranian Rial exchange rate against the US Dollar hit historical marks, the term of (قیمت دلار) means “Dollar Rate” has became one of the most searched term in Iran and world according to Alexa.

As you may see in the above screen shot from “Hot Topics” page of Alexa, the first term is قیمت دلار and surprisingly the 19th term (مثقال) also reflects the importance of this subject. (مثقال) read Mesghal, is the name of Iran based website shows exchange rates in Iran’s free market like XE.com. Last year Iran’s police arrested a few persons linking to management of Mesghal. Officials of Judiciary system accused them of “destabilizing” exchange market of Iran.

It’s noteworthy that the Persian term of “Dollar Rate” is searched more than “Kate Middleton” and “Lindsay Lohan” in the world.

The recent Western sanctions against Iran over its controversial nuclear program have heavily interrupted local economy. However Iranian government believes the recent economy crisis is not an outcome of financial sanctions.

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