Don’t Like Facebook Messenger? Too Bad, It Will Be Mandatory For Mobile Chat

Don't Like Facebook Messenger? Too Bad, It Will Be Mandatory For Mobile Chat

The next few days will see Facebook phase out the mobile version Facebook’s messaging function. This means users will need to use the Facebook Messenger app.

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European users made the transition months ago resulting in the company running with the mostly positive response in that market as the crux for the soon to be worldwide change.  Facebook has pointed out that this shift would allow for better developmental focus by having to put work into one app instead of multiple ones. The company also said that it would help to “avoid confusion” among users.

This brings us to the response from users. While Europe supposedly took things well—or possibly just adapted to it after months of having to use it on mobile—the response online hasn’t been as warm. The main complaint seems to be that the Facebook app already allowed for chat and everything else in one place. Since there was no need to move between apps to use a function, the feeling is that Facebook Messenger should be the one to go.

There are also users who don’t mind Facebook Messenger in general. The desktop version tends to get a pass, but it’s still pretty much the same boat as the mobile app in that users could just chat within Facebook.

The focuses are different. The desktop version allows for a great deal of multitasking with large programs and browser navigation. Mobile apps tend to lean towards being able to do everything in one location.

Necessary move or forcing people to use an unnecessary app? What do you think of the focus on Facebook Messenger for mobile chat? Let us know in the comments section.

SOURCE: Engadget

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