Dr Tehrani: 85% of Iran Online Adults Use Social Networking Sites

Facebook in Iran

As Facebook, Twitter and most of the famous social networking sites are officially blocked in Iran but 85% of Iran online adults use these websites according to Dr Tehrani, IT expert. However he didn’t give more details on this subject and he didn’t reveal his sources.

Tehrani also criticized the activities of Iranian users in social networking websites by saying: “More than 85% of Iran online adults are using social networking websites but less than 30% of useful Persian content being produced in these websites.”

“Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Blogger and MySpace are the largest online communities which receive half of their visitors directly from other social networking websites. So this number proves the importance of these sites.” Tehrani added.

“Social networking websites are good places for small and medium businesses. People can also launch and even promote their businesses by using these networks. We see this process take place on other countries but unfortunately Iranian users are not that active in this type of usage.” Tehrani also said that Iranians are only looking for funny content across the social networking websites.

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  1. WOW..!!! 85% it’s a large figure. But I am also thinking that the social networking sites are the best options for the small business all over.

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