Drone Manufacturer DJI Releases Beta of No-Fly Zone Prevention System

Drone Manufacturer DJI Releases Beta of No-Fly Zone Prevention System

Yesterday saw DJI release the beta of their geofencing system, “Geospatial Environment Online.” The technology is meant to help drone operators stay out of restricted airspace.

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For instance, the area around the National Airport in Washington D.C would show up as a no-fly zone and operators would be aware of this via the system that DJI keeps up-to-date. More specifically, GEO will let operators know of live, changing conditions when flying drones around stadiums, government buildings, and so on. GEO will also prevent a drone from taking off around noted restricted areas.

In addition to keeping operators out of trouble with the FAA, the GEO allows for DJI drone operators to temporarily opt out of using the system. Operators will need to be verified with DJI and provide essentials such as a confirmed payment method or contact information. The company points out that this information is required only if operators plan to fly in restricted areas and some areas will remain restricted.

By making GEO an important part of its drones, DJI also shields itself somewhat from the FAA. The company included an updating system that would warn and prevent operators from flying into or taking off in no-fly zones and zones that could provide a health or security threat. If operators chose to do or ignore GEO, fault would fall heavily on the operator’s judgment than the company.

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