Dropbox now more user friendly of iOS

Dropbox now more user friendly of iOS

Dropbox recently rolled out a newer more user friendly version for iOS users. Just days after new features were added to the popular cloud-based storage system, Dropbox developers added some very useful additions to the mobile application that should make it less painful to use. These recent improvement surely point to Dropbox’s commitment to focusing a large segment of its energies on the business market.

Starting with an improved PDF viewer that lets users navigate between document pages by simply tapping on a thumbnail. The improvements also include push notifications for shared folders. Dropbox has also made the push notifications available for its Android based app as well. The improved iOS app has the ability to give IT tighter control over the way the service is used in individual and group settings for file sharing, authentication settings and account access. With this new control, IT controllers can view account activity and generate downloaded reports. This makes Dropbox a more productive app for team users.

Business users will certainly welcome the revamped document views with the easier navigation for multipage items. Users can also do keyword or key phrase searches for quicker access within the PDF file. The newly reworked PDF viewer option was developed by a third party company, PSPDFKIT exclusively for Dropbox. Another most welcome revision is the ability to sort quickly through stored files by modification date. This will be exceptionally useful for shared folders. The option of having push notifications on shared folders should help team members increase productivity. This feature will come in quite handy for both individual users as well as team members.

With all these Dropbox for Teams revisions, IT departments will welcome the ability to view not only account activity but the way the accounts are accessed, the devices used, the amount of storage used by each team member and any third party applications being used.

Although these improvements may seem small in the overall scheme of Dropbox’s plans, they are certainly going to make life easier for mobile device users of the service. Hopefully all these improvements will add up enough to make up for Dropbox’s otherwise poor performance in the past for iOS users.  While the PDF viewer is new for both iOS and Android applications, for the time being it isn’t available to use on Android based devices. However, since Dropbox generally tries to keep platform updates close together, that should change in the near future.

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