Eamon Zayed is not Happy with his Situation in Persepolis FC

Eamon Zayed is not Happy with his Situation in Persepolis FC

The Libyan footballer of Persepolis FC Eamon Zayed announced that he is not happy with his situation in Tehran.

Jose Manuel, the head coach of Reds, closed training exercises for three days after the match against Foolad in Ahvaz which finished drawing. But the authorities of this club didn’t give Zayed’s passport in the right time and this avoided the Libyan striker to join his family in Ireland for holiday. This has made Eamon Zayed angry. “I wanted to meet my family in Ireland but unfortunately officials of Persepolis didn’t allow me to take a trip to my country.”

It is good to know that Eamon Zayed doesn’t have good conditions in Persepolis FC. The new manager Jose Manuel doesn’t believe in him so much. Because of this issue Eamon has lost his stable position in Persepolis’s squad.

On 23 December 2011, Zayed signed a 6 month contract and joined Persepolis FC. Due to his great performance and popularity with the fans, Persepolis extended his contract for the new season 2012-2013. But it seems he will depart Persepolis in the mid season window if the situation remains without change.

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