EHang Showcases EHang 184 At CES 2016

EHang Showcases EHang 184 At CES 2016


CES 2016 saw plenty of new tech and tech innovations from top companies and up-and-comers. The trade show has also included companies showcasing what’s new in drones and the most interesting thing out CES 2016’s drone offerings just might be the EHang 184.

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Coming to us from Chinese manufacturer EHang, the EHang 184 blurs the line between drone and personal aircraft with a cockpit for the operator but not being the size of personal aircraft. While it’s hard to accurate describe where it would fall size-wise, what isn’t hard to explain is how awesome the EHang 184 looks. Like a lot of the more impressive tech shown at CES, it looks like something out of sci-fi. As a matter of fact, while it’s not a car it looks like the closest we would get to flying cars.

EHang Showcases EHang 184 At CES 2016

The EHang 184 comes in at around 500 pounds and has a carbon fiber body. There’s a single seat cockpit that actually looks fairly roomy from images, gull wing doors (those are always cool to see), and a display for navigation. The 184 is able to handle all navigation without any actual controls and can fly at low altitudes and for short distances.

The passenger drone is more of a concept of what could be at the moment. EHang CEO Huazhi Hu hasn’t said when the passenger drone would be available on the market, but has price tagged it at a luxury price in the area of $200,000 and $300,000.

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