Emirati And Russsian Competing to Buy The Most Expensive Sunglasses in The World

Wealthy Emirati and Russian competing to buy the most expensive sunglasses in the world. One of them placed a bid with the amount of 1.75 million Dirhams (about half a million Dollars) to buy the glasses that were presented at an initial price of 1.5 million Dirhams (410 thousand Dollars).

Glasses unveiled at a press conference in Dubai, UAE, in the presence of a group of wealthy businessmen and society figures in the UAE and the Gulf amid a large media presence.

Mohammed Al Fahim, Chief Executive Officer of Stores, announced the “Paris Gallery” offered the glasses. The group receives new orders for the purchase of glasses at prices more than the initial price every few hours, and during this week the winner will be determined from the bidders who will want to buy glasses.

“The auction will be held officially in Dubai and bidders seeking to buy this masterpiece can place their bids there. These glasses are completely unique.”  Mohammed Al Fahim said.

He stated that the glasses carry the brand “Chopard” produced by the company “De Rego Vision” the world leader in the design and production of luxury and stylish glasses, grains are decorated with diamonds and precious stones are placed similar to the way classical inlay jewelry.

These sunglasses presented to the public on Tuesday and it will be available to watch until the end of this month in “Paris Gallery” shop at the “Dubai Mall” shopping center which is the largest shopping center in the Middle East. It attracts millions of visitors annually.

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