Erdogan: NATO Could Intervene if Syria Continues to Violate The Border

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Syria on Thursday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) may intervene in the crisis in the case of the Syrian army continues to violate the border of its neighbor, Turkey.

Currently, Turkey can call to Article V of the Charter of the alliance if Syria continues the violations in the border. According to Article V, any armed attack against any country represents an assault on all Member States. Erdogan announced his country and borders are “Under Article V and the protection of NATO forces.”

The warning comes against the backdrop of killing two Syrians and wounding 19 others, including two Turks in a refugee camp Alsuren inside Turkish territory. Officials confirmed that the source of fire was from Syrian territory. The Turkish foreign ministry announced it had issued a warning to the Syrian Embassy in Ankara of a repeat of such incidents.

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