EU Sanctions Grill Iranian Students for Taking IELTS Test in Tehran

EU Sanctions Grill Iranian Students for Taking IELTS Test in Tehran

Asre-Dino Danesh Institute, which is the official agent of IELTS in Iran, was forced to cancel all the IELTS tests in the country on 1st Dec. This has angered thousands of students who had registered for these exams in Tehran.

Base on the formal announcement issued by the regional office of IELTS in UAE “the 1st Dec 2012 test at ADD Tehran has been canceled due to ongoing banking restrictions and use of 3rd party payment routes.” However Asad Nadeem, manager of IELTS center in UAE, said the organization is working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Obviously the European Union sanctions on Iran’s economy have caused the problem. Currently Iranian companies and organizations cannot send money to centers based in European countries.

As the number of students affected by this issue is increasing on daily basis, IELTS regional office has urged the entrants to take this test in neighboring countries such as Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Afghanistan. Also the center promised that all the students will be fully refunded within short time if they prefer to withdraw from taking the exam.

Numbers of sulky students have contacted with British Council in Iran through its official website. Since the British Embassy suspended all of its operations in Iran, effective 31 January 2009, the Council was unable to help these students on this subject.

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