Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Injures 6-Year Old In Brooklyn

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Injures 6-Year Old In Brooklyn

The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled by Samsung two weeks ago and saw several carriers call for owners to bring their devices in for refunds or replacements.

As we now know, the recall is a result of faulty batteries that have been reported to explode. The recall is bringing in a large number of smartphones that were sold in the launch window—2.5 million to be exact.

On Saturday night, a six year old boy was caught by one of the devices with the flaw according to a report by the New York Post. Brooklyn, New York resident Linda Lewis, the boy’s grandmother, said that the explosion occurred while the boy was watching videos on the Galaxy Note 7 and that it managed to set off the alarms in the house.

Lewis said that her grandson was treated for burns caused by the exploding battery and that he is at home with the family now. In talking about the boy’s state she said “He doesn’t want to see or go near any phones. He’s been crying to his mother.”

The family is currently in contact with Samsung about the incident, but neither side has issued a remark about talks. The company strongly recommends that Galaxy Note 7 owners turn off their phones and take them to the carriers or the store they purchased the device.

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