Facebook Now Supports Security Keys For Two-Factor Authentication

Facebook Now Supports Security Keys For Two-Factor Authentication

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Facebook users will have an added measure of protection with security keys and NFC. Users will use security keys with the platform’s two-factor authentication in tandem with the traditional login password. This method will make use of a physical security key that users slip into a computer at login.

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The security keys make use of NFC technology to transmit data between the key itself and the computer which allows for users to complete the second step in accessing or locking their account. It’s basically requiring two different security measures to open the same door—with one measure being something you will need to keep on you if you wish to go this route.

What it boils down to is more options for user security although this one is a costly one and a bit extreme to actually keep the second half of getting into your social media account on a separate physical device. On the other hand it’s not as if there are a lot of reports of hackers are physically looking for Facebook users and trying to pickpocket them for their security or attack them for it, so don’t expect the security key to catch on like wildfire.

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