Facebook Focused On Taking Out False Likes Spammers

Facebook Focused On Taking Out False Likes Spammers

While Facebook makes use of its vast in house resources to deal with spammers, sometimes a little outside help is required to keep one’s social network in order. Enter the legal system. Facebook to date has racked up almost $2 billion in judgments against spammers.

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The spammers in question are nothing new. There’s always been individuals or groups who sell off “1,000 Likes For $X” on Facebook and every other social network since the platform started to reel in members. When it wasn’t Likes on Facebook it was Follows on Twitter or Friends on MySpace. The same system exists on sites that aren’t social network focused, but allow for fairly unrestricted rating and might have a community of sorts.

What makes Facebook’s situation stand out is that the company has gotten to the point where they can increase or hobble a company or brand’s momentum by giving them a platform where they can reach fans and consumers directly. It’s the same as having your message boards, IM, address book, and Yelp all in one place when it comes to Facebook.

Facebbok is also taking other steps—automated and manual—to protect the integrity of the Likes system as well as other brands and ultimately its own. Should things like this go unchecked and become a wider reaching problem that can be contained and fixed, Facebook’s competence in policing elements of its ecosystem occur. While that wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of a massive social network it could result in businesses being less eager to jump on board with Facebook for advertising purposes.

SOURCE: Facebook Security

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