Facebook’s “Info and Ads” Feature Lets Users Know About Advertisers

Facebook's "Info and Ads" Feature Lets Users Know About Advertisers

Another week and something else about Facebook and data. When it isn’t Facebook and its data woes it’s about the company’s policy promises. This is column B with Facebook stating it will publish more information when it comes to advertising on the site.

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There is a feature that allows users to report any advertiser with a Facebook page if their ads have dubious claims or violate the site’s policies. On top of that, the site will show information so that a user will have a better idea of the company or individual. This applies even if there is an ad from the company or individual in question. At the moment information is limited to name history and page creation date but Facebook said there would be more information added soon.

Our mission is focused on giving people a voice and bringing everyone closer together,” the company said in a post. “We’re taking these steps as part of our efforts to prevent election interference and protect against bad actors. And of course, to provide people with more information about what they see on Facebook.”

The step comes as Facebook worked to remove pages and accounts that could influence the Mexico elections. Brazil’s October elections are next to get similar treatment as Facebook will begin labeling political ads shown to users.

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