Facebook Makes Changes to Deal With “Issue Ads”

Facebook Makes Changes to Deal With "Issue Ads"

Facebook has several problems and its actively dealing with them. Sometimes actively and often very late. One of the issues its dealing has its roots in election interference. In this case “issue ads”–or advertisers with obvious political leanings or messages. Advertisers now have to verify their location and identity, according to a post by founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

In addition to this, ads that touch on or traffic in political issues will be dubbed “political ads.” Facebook will also state who paid for the ad to be posted.  

To make sure this new approach to dealing with these kinds of ads is active, the company will take the same approach it uses in tackling fake news–a team of human and AI will handle it. In addition, users can report political ads that slip through the cracks. 

In other adjustments and announcements, large pages also have to identify themselves and give locations. Its expected that Facebook will have a clear definition of what membership size makes a page “large.” The goal here is to make it harder for fake pages to form and thrive. 

Facebook kicked this policy off by suspending some 270 pages and accounts with roots to the Internet Research Agency, a company that interferes in political and business activity for Russian interests. The company has been around since 2013. 

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