Facebook Has Glowing Q4 2016 and Nears 2 Billion Users

Facebook Has Glowing Q4 2016 and Nears 2 Billion Users

Facebook had another successful fourth quarter according to the company’s earnings report and the numbers don’t lie. The company reported $3.56 billion in profit and $8.8 billion in revenue, which is more than the $8.51 billion predicted by analysts.

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As far as Facebook user traffic looks, the platform sees over 1.23 billion daily with 1.15 billion using the mobile app. Overall the company has seen over $27 billion in revenue—up massively from almost $18 billion from last year around this time.

It’s now expected that Facebook could hit 2 billion active users by the middle of the year. Mobile will continue to play a major part in the company’s growth with users mainly accessing the service via the app. As the company continues to add alluring features and work in tandem with other companies that want to implement their product or service into the platform, Facebook’s expansion into other areas will also bring in new users.

The company could also do well in revenue if continues to focus on mobile as its advertising vehicle with more than 80-percent of advertising taking place on mobile.

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