Family road trip? Here are some gadgets you’ve got to have!

Family road trip?  Here are some gadgets you’ve got to have!

We’ve all been there- especially if you’re a parent- the family road trip. Vacation, going to see family or friends cross country or just over the state line, if you’ve been there, done that you know it’s important to have some gadgets along to make the trip go more smoothly and more fun!

  • GPS- if your vehicle doesn’t have a built in model then investing in one can save you time, money and frustration.  From mapping out your most efficient route to finding a place to grab a quick bite to eat, a GPS is practically a necessity when you travel.
  • Portable DVD player and movies- these are exceptionally important if you have travelers under the age of 25! While quite a number of SUV’s and vans come with built in models, not everybody likes to watch the same movie at the same time. Oh and don’t forget headphones or ear buds!
  • Parrot’s DriveBlue Bluetooth Hands-free car kit. This new plug and drive Bluetooth car kit easily syncs up with most phones and give you high quality audio, superbly accurate voice recognition and best of all is easy to install and use. It also automatically reconnects with your phone.
  • AC power inverter- this is especially necessary if you’re traveling with laptops, tablets or other juice burning gadgets.  There are several models that offer up to three separate AC outlets and simply plug into the lighter outlet.
  • LED flares are a great addition to your roadside emergency kit. No worrying about open flames, just switch them on and light things up.
  • Battery charger- self-starter jumper pack.  No worrying about finding someone to give you a jump, just hook up the included jumper cables, flip the switch and in a few minutes you’re up and running.
  • Smart jumper cables are great to have if you don’t want to carry a jumper pack. Michelin makes a set that figures out the polarity automatically when you connect them to the vehicle batteries. They also have a built in surge protector to keep from frying either vehicle’s electronic systems.
  • Rear view parking sensor- this is great if you’re trying to park in a crowded parallel parking spot or where there’s a blind spot. With both audible and visual display alerts you can safely park or back up.
  • Rear-mounting headrest monitors- great alternative to individual DVD players. If you’re vehicle doesn’t have them, you can check out model specific or universal mount systems. Great for entertaining easily bored youngsters.


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