The FBI Will Unlock iPhone and iPod Involved In Arkansas Murder Trial

The FBI Will Unlock iPhone and iPod Involved In Arkansas Murder Trial

With the announcement that it is now able to unlock iOS devices, the FBI says it will help in unlocking devices that could provide evidence in an Arkansas murder case. According to the Associated Press, a judge delayed the Drexler-Staton case until June after a prosecutor asked for the FBI’s assistance.

The case involves two teens—Hunter Drexler (18) and Justin Staton (15)—accused of murdering Robert and Patricia Cogdell last summer. While Drexler’s defense attorney Patrick Benca says he isn’t concerned about what could be on the devices, the prosecution says that the teens’ recorded conversations point to the device being used to plot the murders.

In the past law enforcement worked with Apple to get information off devices, but the FBI’s method could get widespread use in solving crimes and pulling crucial information since law enforcement and prosecutors now have a more agreeable group to work with concerning these matters.

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