FCC Looking Into Netflix Network Claims, Netflix Gets New Logo

FCC Looking Into Netflix Network Claims

With Netflix continuously bickering with ISPs over issues with poor streaming quality, The Federal Communications Commission will be investigating the claims from the popular streaming service.

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Earlier today, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler stated that the agency would be looking into company documents to figure out the crux of the issue with Comcast and Verizon’s networks in relation to Netflix’s streaming. From there, the FCC will see if stricter regulation is required.

The conflict originates from Netflix’s agreement with both Verizon and Comcast to run data through their networks after. The company has voiced its concern that internet service providers are extorting services like theirs. On top of that they feel that they’re not getting the service they should given that they’re paying to use their networks. In contrast, providers say that Netflix brings so much traffic that they’ve had to update their network to handle it.

In discussing the FCC’s role in the conflict, Wheeler said that at the moment the agency was “collecting information, not regulating.” While the issue is directly related to Netflix’s claims that there is a gross violation of net neutrality, Wheeler assures that the investigation isn’t related to the claim.

Other Netflix news sees the company debut a new logo. Netflix has been testing logo since May via YouTube content. While the font is pretty much the same as the original, the new logos—red font on a black background and red on a white background—the outline seen around the white font is removed. You can see the new logo below.

  Netflix Gets New Logo

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