Flights Between Baghdad And Kuwait Re-Started After Twenty Years

Iraqi authorities signed an agreement with Kuwaiti airlines to fly between Iraq and Kuwait after a lapse of more than two decades, according to Iraqi officials.

The Director of Civil Aviation Authority in Iraq confirmed this and mentioned the request of the company to start flights from Kuwait to Iraq has been approved.

“The company asked for conducting of four weekly flights to Baghdad and four other trips to Najaf,” He explained. “The flights will be launched soon and the company’s flights schedule will be published,” He added.

Karim Nouri, advisor to the Iraqi Transport Minister, said the agreement between the Civil Aviation Authority and the Kuwaiti company to run flights between Iraq and Kuwait has been signed.

“This is a step on the road to resolving all outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait,” He said.”This agreement represents a confirmation that we move towards solving the problems between us and Kuwait and we hope to resolve the remaining issues in the areas of borders, water, Iraqi Airways,” He added. Also he referred to the flight air between Iraq and Kuwait has stopped after the Iraqi invasion to neighboring Gulf during the regime of Saddam Hussein in 1990.

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