Forget Siri- New uber smart phone comes with its own concierge service

Forget Siri- New uber smart phone comes with its own concierge service

For about $22,000 you can have your own smart phone concierge. Forget Siri—this titanium plated device gives owners the ability to call a personal operator to not only supply phone numbers but make dinner reservations and other tasks.

Meet the Vertu Ti, that is Android powered, has 64MB of memory and an 8MP rear camera as well as a 1.3mp front-facing camera.  Users can also record 1080 P videos.  The front facing camera is Skype compatible for that all important video conference. What does a $22, 000 phone look like? Besides being titanium plated it has a sapphire crystal display. Inside is a dual core 1.7GHz processor along with 1GB of RAM.  The Vertu Ti also offers symphonic sound through Bang & Olufsen tested acoustics.

While it is an undeniably sharp looking phone, is it worth the money? Wealthy owners say it is. The special concierge button allows users to call a personal operator to do tasks such as find local information or book a table at the most exclusive eatery around.  The new “Vertu Key” not only gives users access to the concierge service but has an additional round-the clock service called “Vertu Certainty” that will protect the customers most sensitive data and give added security for the user’s safety. A customized interface gives the user a highly intuitive experience

The phone’s company claims that the sapphire crystal screen is virtually scratch proof and four times stronger than other screens when it comes to impacts. Since titanium is practically indestructible, that makes the Vertu Ti hard to destroy. Each phone is handmade by a single craftsman at the company factory in Britain. While the operating system may be powered by Android, the craftsmanship and design of the phone is very much Vertu. Consumers have a choice of the lower priced Titanium Black Leather model or a higher end version in red gold.

This latest uber-fashionable smart phone is not Vertu’s first foray into pricey phones. The company first made headlines a decade ago with 18-carat gold Nokia phone and top of the line platinum cased phones. Vertu has long been a pioneer in luxury mobile phones since the late 1990’s. Company execs say that this latest ultra-luxury model is their most significant product so far. All of the company’s experience and knowledge have been put into the Vertu Ti.

The combination of all these superbly crafted yet highly functional features will make other smartphones quite envious if the Vertu Ti ever gets out of Britain.

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  1. Joe S says:

    Yes, and when it will get Android updates – 2 years after everyone else? By which time it will be a brick. Not to mention the hardware – it only has 1 gb of ram – less than the Galaxy S3/Note II here in the US among a growing number of other phones. Concierge service or not, $22k is an exorbitant waste of money on a phone that is only semi-current at best right now, and will undoubtedly be outdated in 3-6 months. May as well thread together $100 bills and use them as toilet paper.

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