Former Egyptian President Morsi’s Charges Announced

Former Egyptian President Morsi's Charges Announced

It seems as though that former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s charges have finally been announced. It’s been reported that he was being held on charges of espionage and was to be held for 15 days. The revelation is sure to further fan the flames of fury with the pro-Morsi faction currently protesting not only for Morsi to be re-installed to power, but for Muslim Brotherhood leadership to be freed. With the charge being announced, it may just seem like a charge to hold Morsi was merely pulled out of thin air. Proof of the accusation will need to be presented on such a claim.

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Earlier today, pro-Morsi supporters went voice for voice and sign for sign with anti-Morsi protesters. There to keep the peace were the Egyptian military, currently under fire for a clash with pro-Morsi protesters mere days following the ouster. The clash—which featured stories from both sides of the situation—resulted in the deaths of dozens of protesters and injuries of hundreds. The anti-Morsi side cheered the military for giving Morsi the ultimatum and then the boot. Today has been peaceful so far following a week that saw 13 killed in clashes.

The military has also been under pressure over holding Morsi. Now that we know why the military claims it is holding the former president and keeping him out of the public. A report on the website of Al Ahram—the main newspaper in Egypt—states that a judge sentenced him to 15 days tied to his 2011 escape from Wadi Natroun prison. He was held in the prison for two days by former President Hosni Mubarak’s government during the uprising that year. Judge Hassan Samir said that Mohamed Morsi worked with Hamas to escape. Hamas is allied with Morsi’s own Muslim Brotherhood faction.

The narrative here is that Morsi and company put forth attacks on the state killing and kidnapping police and soldiers and assaulting establishments. In a broadcast interview following the escape, Morsi stated that he and 30 other members of the Brotherhood were freed from Wadi Natroun by unknown forces. For Morsi’s whole term he was accused of working with Hamas and the prison escape was all but swept away.

The accusations were denied by both Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen and a call for evidence was made. The prosecutors were also accused of being a return to form for Mubarak’s administration. Spokesman Gehad el-Haddad of the Muslim Brotherhood said that the charges would further irritate pro-Morsi forces and “help strengthen the realization that the Mubarak state is back.”

Meanwhile the anti-Morsi protesters seem vindicated by the charges against the former president in that it is concrete that he was a criminal to them anyway. While this does seem like a drumming up of charges to keep Morsi away from an open mic, computer, etc. and delay the inevitable further inciting of furor among his base, it is not beyond reason that he simply couldn’t be charged effectively since he was the president and his faction was in power at the time.

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