Four Hackers Charged With 18 Counts of Theft and More

Four Hackers Charged With 18 Counts of Theft and Moe

The charges for four hackers involved in hitting major technology, gaming, and military institutions reads like a rogues gallery of internet crime. The companies and military branch hit by the defendants (between 18-28 in age) include Epic Games, Microsoft, the U.S Army, and Valve.

A Large Amount of 145 Million Accessed Accounts Taken In EBay Attack

The group managed to get $100 million in company material, trade secrets, and data such as pre-releases of Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, information about the Xbox One, and the U.S Army’s Apache helicopter simulator. Court records state that the group made use of SQL injections and employee login information as well as that of development groups working with companies and agencies.

Numbering at 18 counts, the defendants are facing charges of copyright infringement, identity theft, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud, theft of trade secrets, unauthorized computer access, and conspiracy to commit computer fraud. Two defendants have pleaded guilty with David Pokora (22) being identified.


Federal Prosecutors Brings In Hacker Ring, $300 Million in Damages

Currently the case is still in the investigation stage. If previous probes within the last year are any indication it’s possible a sophisticated, far reaching network could be uncovered.

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