Could The X-Files and Minority Report Mean A Sci-Fi Explosion On FOX?

Could The X-Files and Minority Report Mean A Sci-Fi Explosion On FOX?

Friday saw a number of shows canceled on the major networks. FOX alone axed Backstrom, The Following, Kitchen Nightmares, The Mindy Project, and The X Factor USA. To say the cancellation of a few enjoyed or important shows is surprising then you must not know FOX. Even with the questionable show cancellations and the majority of series being renewed, there is some interesting news out of it with the confirmation of a Minority Report show.

Back in January The Verge announced that FOX had ordered a pilot for the 2002 hit sci-fi film. Taking place in 2054, the film starred Tom Cruise as the chief of the PreCrime task force which raids and arrests future murderers. The show will take place ten years later and follows a freed precog–used in the film to sniff out future criminals–who teams with a detective to find out how to use his abilities.

Crime dramas are a favorite of network TV and sci-fi tends to be a iffy genre to have a long run on FOX given how long Dollhouse, Terra Nova, Dark Angel, and Firefly were given. As a matter of fact Fringe was the only program in recent memory to see a decent enough run compared to other programs on the network. It also helps that Fringe also combined sci-fi and crime drama which worked for FOX in the past with The X-Files.

If Minority Report follows the episode structure of the returning X-Files event series it could mean a return of sorts for the genre on FOX. It’s definitely best not to hold your breath on the notion of Minority Report going the distance or sci-fi having a renaissance on the network.

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