Galaxy S5 Release Announcement Window Revealed, Samsung vs. Apple Wages On

Galaxy S5 Release Announcement Window Revealed

It looks as though that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be looking at a February 2014 release with the announcement being a month earlier. Normally versions of the Galaxy S hit in the late spring and early summer with the exception of the Galaxy S4 which was March 2013.

According to reports, the Galaxy S4 didn’t do as well as intended which is the reason for the early announce date and potential release date.

Also interesting is that the International Trade Commission published Samsung foe Apple’s appeal on the ITC’s decision to not have Samsung devices banned. Apple wants all devices to be under review.

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Should Apple win, several Samsung patents would be banned as well as future designs. The ban could be placed on current and eventual devices which would pretty much knock Samsung out of the market in that particular arena or at least weaken its foothold—something that obviously be beneficial to Apple.

In other legal news in the Samsung-Apple endless battle, Samsung lost its appeal to kill sanctions against Apple’s appeal for the company to hand over electronic communications (emails and so on).

The emails in question were passed among Samsung employees and could be used as ammo for Apple in regards to Samsung infringing on their patents. The decision was upheld by U.S District Judge Lucy Koh.

In short, Samsung has to hand over whatever documents they have and allow Apple to use their employees (Samsung’s) as witnesses to the violations.

It’s an unfavorable position to be in when your company is hoping to launch a new device that is guaranteed to move tens of millions, but a favorable card to have if you’re looking to clip one of your biggest competitor’s wings.

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