Game Releases of the Week

Game Releases of the Week

Week of 6/9-6/15

This week features only three new titles out this week, but all of them are major titles and two of them are on major gaming systems. Let’s check out we have to choose from.

The Last of Us (PS3) – 6/14

This action adventure title has been really promoted heavily for the past few months. The post-apocalyptic shooter has great graphics, a strong story, and has been well received. It’s different from all of the zombie, military, futuristic, and military shooters with zombie DLC shooters out there as it focuses on survival—not to the degree of State of Decay—over getting from point A to point B, doing this objective, and clearing out all hostiles. There’s that little extra to The Last of Us. It comes out June 14th for the PlayStation 3.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) – 6/9

Nintendo’s virtual life title makes its appearance on the 3DS handheld system. It’s been quite a wait for this one and as expected, it’s gotten a great reception. The fan base for this game is large and dedicate and Nintendo has been really pushing this title out there—as it should. On every system it’s been featured on the Animal Crossing series has done well. The premise of Animal Crossing is the player’s character—a human—moves to a new town. This town is inhabited by anamorphic characters that go about their lives. Of course Tom Nook is there to help the player get settled along with the friendly neighbors there.

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Now, by “get settled” in Tom Nook’s case, I mean the storekeeper will give a bit of debt—in bells, Animal Crossing’s currency—for you to pay off through jobs and trade. Tom Nook gets something from watching you sell sea shells and whatnot. Of course you’re also going to want to buy stuff for your new home, so you might put off payment at times.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out now.

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SimCity (MAC) – 6/11

By this time we all know what SimCity is and the controversy caused by EA. With the most recent installment of SimCity you’re usually in one of several groups if you’re a fan: EA ruined SimCity, SimCity is a good game, SimCity is OK but could be better, I can’t even play SimCity because of the online requirement, and SimCity has been going downhill—among other groups. This is the version of popular city building title finally arriving to the Mac, so don’t expect much to differ from the PC version.

SimCity for Mac drops tomorrow.

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There are no other titles as stated above, just these three and all are actually games to try out. You might take issue with SimCity, but the outrage towards it has been seething for months that if you’re a fan, you would know what you’re getting and you’d know if you felt like you were getting a lemon or not. My hot pick for the week is a tie between Animal Crossing: New Leaf—which I snagged—and The Last of Us.

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