Michael Mauler Steps Down As GameStop CEO

Michael Mauler Steps Down As GameStop CEO

GameStop lost its recently promoted CEO earlier this week. Michael Mauler had been with the company for roughly 16 years.

Mauer served in the role for just a couple of months, taking over after executive chairman and former CEO Daniel DeMatteo served as CEO back in February. The CEO at the time, J. Paul Raines stepped down due to medical concerns. This marked a strange time for GameStop in regards to the leadership of the company. While it always had very capable leaders in the CEO role, something would result in the need for an interim CEO to step in.

This brings us to Daniel DeMatteo. Once again, he steps in as interim CEO. Before becoming CEO in February, Mauler was executive VP and the international division’s president. GameStop’s board had such confidence in Mauler in the leadership role that it voted him in as CEO.

Mauler didn’t specify why he was leaving GameStop only citing “personal reasons.”

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