GM Adds Over 100 Chevy Bolt Vehicles To L.A Maven Fleet

GM Adds Over 100 Chevy Bolt Vehicles To L.A Maven Fleet

General Motor’s car-sharing service Maven will pick up some 100 2016 Chevy Bolt vehicles for its Los Angeles market. The fleet bolstering move is because of Maven’s performance in L.A, according to GM and that looks correct with the service growing rapidly.

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So why add Chevy Bolt? While there could be desire to do more for the environment, Los Angeles has a large concentration of charging stations for electric cars which would be great for keeping the cars juiced and on the road. There’s also the advertising that comes from featuring the cars on the road regularly in a sizable number that could see new car buyers—even if the purpose of Maven is to be an alternative to owning a vehicle. GM is also testing out self-driving software in the Chevy Bolt in San Francisco, a market Maven services.

Maven was formed in 2016 and is currently established in 17 major U.S and Canadian cities. Originally expanding heavily on the east coast earlier in that year, by the end of 2016 Maven had added Los Angeles to the number of cities. For under $9 an hour, users can drive Maven cars around a defined area (usually the busiest area of a city). When done, users will drop the car off at certain places where another user can use it.

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