Google Allows You To Sniff Out “Phantom” Sound On Chrome Tabs

Google Allows You To Sniff Out "Phantom" Sound On Chrome Tabs

For those of us who tend to have a number of tabs open in Chrome (yes, if you use Chrome) you might run into sounds coming from a specific tab. That sound could be anything: streaming radio, YouTube, live streams, news site starting videos on their own, ads, and so on. At any rate, with a significant number open, you might be left wandering where that sound is coming in from.

Not only that, but if you have anything streaming and can’t find it to cut it off sometimes your browser could experience lag. As we know, no one wants to either close out all tabs except for the one you’re currently using or kill the browser entirely.

Well Google has sorted that out with a speaker icon on the tab that indicates where the sound is coming from. Also, a tab with YouTube open will feature a “Play” icon (the triangle) to show that a video is playing in that tab.

Even though this is a minor feature on a browser that a number of users work with, it’s one that should be available for all browsers. Sure it’s no killswitch icon at the bottom of a browser that you can configure and set turn off any inactive tab that is generating sound, but it can be helpful.

Sometimes while working, researching, or doing whatever you might leave a tab open that is on the other side of the “more tabs” arrows at the end of a row and you want it off. This is a feature I would welcome on Firefox.

How about our readers? If you don’t use Chrome would you find this feature useful? For those using Chrome, have you found this feature useful or have you barely noticed it? Let us know in the comments below.

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