Google Fined $6.7 Million In Russia Over Antitrust Issues

Google Fined By $6.7 Million In Russia

Remember Google’s continuous antitrust troubles throughout Europe—particularly the ones with Russia? Well those woes have come home to roost with a $6.75 million fine for the Mountain View-based company.

The fine comes from Google requiring manufactures to preinstall Google’s apps in Android devices which is owned by Google. The issue here is that Russian companies are losing out as there’s no large vehicle for their apps and services like Android and iOS.

While their apps and services can make it to both OS app stores, the companies’ apps and services won’t be the first thing you see upon starting or unlocking the screen of your device. One of the main companies that initiated this issue was Russian search engine competitor Yandex.

While the amount is front pocket money for Google, it does point to increasing hostility from other companies and authorities in the EU that feel that the company abuses its position—something that was probably foreseen with expansion into other markets when it moved into the device arena.

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