Google, Apple, and Amazon Interested in Streaming Thursday Night Football

Tech Companies Reportedly Interested In Streaming Thursday Night Football

Landing a contract to broadcast NFL games can be huge for a company for the ratings it can draw on almost any day—especially during prime time. Variety says that Google, Apple, and Amazon all want a slice of that prime time pie and are eyeing Thursday Night Football.

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The three companies would like to get the streaming rights to the Thursday program with Apple and Google being very likely picks as both companies are trying to get a foot in to stream the League’s action from London next season. Absent from the list of interested parties is Yahoo, a company that worked with NFL last season to stream games.

Both CBS and NBC—who just got rights this year—still hold the rights to run Thursday Night Football for two more years. This includes streaming rights. It should be noted that this isn’t a program on par with Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football—Thursday action is more akin to the B-show in MMA or professional wrestling in terms of viewership.

Regardless, a company without a hive of channels and a major channel on broadcast television can always benefit from the additional content and potential viewership Thursday Night Football reels in. This could even be the launch pad to getting other sports organizations on board to stream games and events whether for major league or even developmental league offerings.

In short, Thursday Night Football would be a start for Apple, Google, or Amazon.

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