Google Asks Hackers to Find The Bugs of Chrome Browser

Google announced last night that the company is going to invest one million Dollar in the form of prizes to find new security bugs in its program and explore the “Chrome” Web browser .

Under the terms of the offer, the giant company will pay 60 thousand dollars for any “full exploitation of Chrome” allows hackers to control the user’s computer .

Google Chrome security team announced that the hackers have to submit all the details of exploitation for Google in order to qualify for the award with the non-disclosure of details of any other person .

In addition, Google will pay 40 thousand Dollars for any person to be exploited for the program depends on the defect in the “Chrome” is linked to defects in the operating system “Windows 7” and will be $ 20 thousand for those who discover the defect was not known in the past “Windows 7”, the company said . These amounts will be paid for each defect detected again until they reach one million dollars .

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