Google Scores Patent For Autonomous Delivery Platform

Google Scores Patent For Autonomous Delivery Platform

February is looking to be a busy month for Google as the tech giant picks up a patent for self-driving delivery trucks. As with the patent for Project Wing—the delivery drone—these self-driving trucks would be used for making deliveries.

According to the patent, the delivery truck works by using a series of different sensors to navigate streets from the departure center or store to the intended drop off. From there, the receiver of the package will use a form of confirmation—either a pin number or a credit card—to unlock one of the compartments and get their parcel.

As is the case with any patent, there’s a focus on explaining every possibility for how the intent of the patent would materialize: navigational methods, product security, confirmation, etc. The patent can come off as very meandering while reading, but given the nature of patent battles at the moment and how every word and phrasing matters, it’s for the best.

It also helps that Google has made its intent to use autonomous vehicles for delivery purposes known as its cars have rubber on the road in testing.


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