Google Bids $1B for WhatsApp

Google Bids $1B for WhatsApp

Currently, Google doesn’t have a messaging service, and it is reportedly well on its way in negotiations with WhatsApp, supposedly considering a $1B price tag for the acquisition of the mobile messaging app. a conclusive deal will result in Google’s next billion dollar acquisition. The negotiations for this particular deal has surfaced about three or four weeks ago, and reports have it that WhatsApp is eyeing for a price higher than the supposed $1B that the search giant is reportedly willing to shell out.



Currently, Google has an array of different messaging platforms which are seen to be disparately separate from each other and not serving Google well in terms of the messaging market. These platforms, namely Google Voice, Google Hangouts, and Google Talk – among others, need to be unified in order to be effective and competitive.



Early in March, reports have it that the search giant is working on a project called Babble (some reports claim it is internally known within Google as Babel), which is supposed to unify all of Google’s messaging platforms. The service will reportedly be designed to offer seamless messaging service for users across Android, iOS, Chrome, Google+ and Gmail. It will also have advanced features such as group conversations, the ability to share files like photographs, notifications across devices and access to conversations across multiple platforms. It will also be featuring a conversation-based user interface, reports say.



Acquisition of WhatsApp is seen as necessary towards Google’s efforts of unifying its platforms for messaging service, which is reportedly high on the search giants’ current lists of priorities. The supposed Babble project is reportedly designed to be a bridge for cross-platform communications that would link such services. On the other hand, the acquisition of WhatsApp would be a key element towards bringing in a team with the necessary expertise that will help Google in its own operations. It would be recalled that Google have done this before when it acquired Sparrow, a popular iOS mail app, in July last year.



Since it was launched, WhatsApp has immensely been a popularly successful messaging platform across various devices including Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and Apple’s iOS. As much as 18 billion messages was reported to have been transmitted through the service last New Year’s eve, and Apple’s iTunes App Store ranked it second in popularity among its offerings of paid apps.


Google is expected to make an announcement regarding the new messaging service in its forthcoming annual I/O Developers conference to be held in May.

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