Google Chrome Introduces Scroll Anchoring In New Update

Google Chrome Introduces Scroll Anchoring In New Update

The newest update for Google Chrome has a feature that stops articles from jumping all the way to the top after scrolling down the page.

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Scroll Anchoring does just as it says. On the company’s blog, Google included a short video of the feature in action. If you’ve never experienced page jumps, it often happens when more content is introduced on a page. Think of reading something as usual and the page is trying to load an image or a video player—not even the video, just the player—in a space.

Often times the page will jump up while the reader is scrolling through. With the Scroll Anchoring featuring, the page will be locked in place while this is happening so that it doesn’t jump while scrolling.

This seems like a minor feature, but page skipping can get aggravating if it happens enough times while enjoying a lengthy article. Also Google seems mighty proud of the feature. “Scroll anchoring is one of our favorite kinds of features—those that shine when no one notices them,” said software engineer Steve Kobes.

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