Google Clears FCC, Nexus Player Back For Pre-Order

Google Clears FCC, Nexus Player Back For Pre-Order

Google manages to get FCC approval hours after pulling Nexus Player from pre-order.

It was reported earlier today that Google’s Nexus Player had been taken off pre-order on the Google Play Store. Now it seems that the FCC has given the green light for the media streaming device.

The FCC and Google didn’t specify why the Nexus Player was pulled from the Play Store or what held it up in the approval process. It appears to be just one of those unexpected hiccups that occur.

The Nexus Player is a console that works in a fashion similar to other Google products and services such as the Google TV and Chromecast and other Android-powered streaming devices like Fire TV and a number of other dongles.

The Nexus Player comes with a remote, the disc or puck-shaped console, and a controller for games. Since it runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, if the app, program, or game is based on Android, it will run on the Nexus Player.

Google’s Nexus Player is due out November 3.

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