Google Developing Contact Lens That Can Help Manage Diabetes

Google Developing Contact Lens That Can Help Manage Diabetes

Google is at work with more eye-oriented wearable tech with smart contact lens. The company’s goal with these lenses is to help manage diabetes. The lens works by measuring the glucose in tears via a wireless chip and a sensor.

The Google X unit is handling the project and have a history of coming up with devices with high potential to change life, but have low potential to be commercial hits. Two notable projects are the Google Glass and self-driving cars.

The Lens falls in with that category in that there are definitely benefits to technology; it’s just of matter of getting it out there when it is ready.

The Glass has received a mixed reaction with praises of its practical everyday use, but being out and about in a time where people are even more concerned about their privacy.

While the technology is a ways from being complete, Google announced the contact lens to get the jump on finding a partner to work with in getting the lens in the market.

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