Google Doodle for Ibn Battuta’s 708th Birthday Anniversary

Google celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Ibn Battuta on Feb 25, 2012 .

Abū ‘Abd Allāh Muḥammad ibn ‘Abd Allāh al-Lawātī al-Ţanjī ibn Baṭūṭah (Arabic: أبو عبد الله محمد بن عبد الله اللواتي الطنجي بن بطوطة‎), or simply Ibn Battuta (ابن بطوطة), also known as Shams ad-Din (February 25, 1304 – 1368 or 1369), was a Muslim Berber Moroccan explorer, known for his extensive travels published in the Rihla (lit. “Journey”).

He studied law in his boyhood , and decided in 1325 AD, the son of 21 years to get out pilgrims, as hopes of traveling to learn more about the practice of law across the land of Islam, and out of Tangier year 725 circumambulated the Maghreb, Egypt, Sudan and the Levant and the Hijaz, Iraq, Persia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Turkistan and beyond the river and some Gaoh India and China and the countries of the Tatars and Central Africa, contact much of the kings and princes Vmdham, – and was organizing the hair, and used Bhbathm on his travels.

Ibn Battuta died in Marrakech in 779 AH / 1377 AD, where there is the tomb of the old city, Tlqubh University of Cambridge in the Old and Otalsha prince of travelers Muslim nationalists, did not leave behind any production of literary, only account of his travels in the form of a book entitled: (a masterpiece principals in the wonders of the regions The wonders of travel), the famous book (Journey of Ibn Battuta), at the request of the Moroccan Sultan Abu Annan Fares Marini, who impressed Brhlath and stories interesting, that dictated by the writer Mohammed bin Jizzi Kalbi, has launched a son you very much on the book name (masterpiece principals in oddity the regions The wonders of travel), which translated into Portuguese, French and English, and published, and translated them into German chapters were also published, he is a good Turkish, Persian, and his travels took 27 years (1325-352 AD).

This doodle showed in the following countries : Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Palestinian Territories and Iraq .

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