Google Drive Now Backs Up iPhones For Swap Over To Android

Google Drive Now Backs Up iPhones For Swap Over To Android

If you’re considering jumping from iPhone to an Android phone, then you’re in luck as Google Drive will be updated to make that whole process run more smoothly with a new “backup” function.

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With the addition of the feature two-way transferring of important content between differing operating systems has become a mandatory feature on mobile devices as Apple has a feature that does the same on iOS.

The service’s app on iOS devices can back up contacts, calendar, and photos in the cloud. From there once you purchase an Android phone and connect to your Google account all of your stuff will already be there and ready for you across the related Google apps.

Google even made getting to the backup function easy as it’s under “Settings.” It should be noted that if can take awhile if there’s a lot of content that needs to saved and transferred, so it’s best to keep it on the charger during the backup process. It’s recommended that your iPhone remains on the screen and Google Drive is open.

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