Google Ending Play for Education

Google Ending Play for Education

Google’s Play Store had a version specifically geared towards education as a means to get Android tablets in schools. Two years later, the Google Play for Education is closing up, but the company will continue to provide support for the tablets in schools. What this means for schools is that the purchase and distributions of apps also comes to an end.

As is the case with educational ventures when it comes to tech companies, there was often little to no buzz or regular news surrounding Google Play for Education. It simply did as it was promoted to do and picked up regular updates and apps focused on its purpose.

That meant that the progress of this particular branch of Google Play didn’t really matter overall since it wasn’t meant for the mainstream consumer. That doesn’t mean that its progress wasn’t tracked and it could’ve gone on as a money drain. Google observed Google Play for Education and noticed things didn’t move as expected for Android tablets, but Chromebooks have made waves in schools.

Google plans in regards to education and tablets remains to be seen. It looks as though the company will shift efforts towards making Chromebooks more pliable in an education setting and a new project could be initiated alongside these devices since it could be an issue of execution with the Google Play for Education and Android tablet combination.


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