Google To Include Self-Destructing Emails With Gmail Redesign

Google To Include Self-Destructing Emails With Gmail Redesign

Google has had the current tried and true layout of Gmail for some time now. It’s the definition of “If isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s a design that works for what you need from day-to-day business email standpoint. It seems as though Google believes its time to give the service a big makeover. Cosmetic? Yes. But also there’s new modes such as “confidential mode.”

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The new mode allows you to enter a date for when the email with self-destruct. Yes, it will delete or disappear. No, it won’t be Mission Impossible-style, thank goodness. According to TechCrunchthe email will let the recipient know that they will be unable to save or forward it. That doesn’t mean they can’t take a roundabout method of sending the email such as a sending a screenshot.

Google To Include Self-Destructing Emails With Gmail Redesign

Image Credit: The Verge

So how does it work exactly? Both TechCrunch and The Vergeit appears that Google will send the email as a link which has to be accessed via the recipient’s Google account. It makes sense as it’s within the Gmail system that the feature works and confidential mode wouldn’t work with services or clients that don’t feature the exact same mode.

In short, it seems as though you won’t be able to send self-destructing emails to say Yahoo or Outlook unless Google is including some version of the mode for non-Gmail recipients.

Expect confidential mode to be announced at I/O on May 8 along with a slew of other Google announcements.

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