The UK ICO Wants Google To Remove Links Related To “Right To Be Forgotten” Request

The UK ICO Wants Google To Remove Links Related To "Right To Be Forgotten" Request

The Cheshire-based Information Commissioner’s Office has issued an order to Google to remove several news links covering Europe’s “right to be forgotten” which Google refused. As expected, this has led to some issues between the company and the regulatory office.

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The nine articles in question are on the ICO’s chopping block because they include the name of a person who managed to have his name removed in relation to an old offense. The existence of the articles in Google’s search and how they basically go around the “right to be forgotten” are where Google and the Information Commissioner’s Office butt heads.

While Google says the links are worth leaving up because they’re news, the ICO’s view is that it basically puts the person in a position where they are on Google by name in relation to their request. This in turn basically let readers know that the person committed a previous crime without needing to detail the crime.

At the moment the Information Commissioner’s Office has given Google 35 days to act on the order. It has only been two days since Google’s UK office got the order, so we’ll have to wait and see if the company removes the links or pushes the ICO’s hand.

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