Google is Spying Users: Iran’s Filtering Committee

Google is Spying Users Iran's Filtering Committee

A few months ago Iran’s Filtering Committee decided to block all services offered by Google including but not limited to Gmail and YouTube. Millions of Iranians are using Gmail as their first option for exchanging emails. In that time, this movement by Committee angered many Iranians. Even member of parliaments threatened to summon the IT minister to Majlis. By the way Iranian government unblocked Gmail and other services in less than a week. However, YouTube is still blocked in the country.

The Filtering Committee has recently published a report on and accused Google of spying users specially those clients from Iran. “Google has made a great infrastructure for Internet users to ease the communications. Base on U.S. laws Google says it doesn’t violate the privacy of its clients, but this may be not applicable to people from other countries.” the statement read.

“When Google started to offer its services to Iranian users, many people were interested in signing up an account in Gmail. Google has offices in many countries including the European countries, Australia and etc. Since Google must follow the rules of these countries so it doesn’t spy users a lot. However it has received criticisms in this regard several times. It’s good to know that China and Australia have restricted Google’s services for their citizens because of the same issues and have started to promote their local services.”

“A few months ago the passwords of email accounts belonged to Iran’s embassies and consulates had stolen. Also Hamid Masoominejad, the reporter of IRIB in Italy, was arrested due to baseless charges. Those claims were made base on his sent and received emails from his personal email account.”

“After passing the Patriot Act bill, the U.S. based company is allowed to spy Iranian users without any limits from the United States government. The U.S. government has ordered many Internet companies to cut their services for Iranian users but this government has urged Google to continue serving Iranian users by its Gmail service. This is a very great point to consider.”

The Filtering Committee didn’t publish any justifiable documents or proofs to prove its notions on this subject.

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