Google and Microsoft Call Legal Truce

Google and Microsoft Call Legal Truce

At any time a major tech company will have some ongoing action against some entity whether it’s another tech company, a patent troll, or the government and the purposes tend to vary and tend to carry on for a long time. Two combatants who are laying down arms against each other are Google and Microsoft, who also called a truce late last year.

The nature of this legal truce mainly centers on all regulatory complaints. It is similar to Apple and Samsung’s truce from August 2014. Google and Microsoft sent statements to Recode basically saying that the two companies’ competition should be based around their products and services and not who can woo a judge into ruling in their favor on X issue.

The two companies said that the truce was on the table for some time and probably came out due to the costs of pursuing legal action and keeping up pressure or changing attitudes within the company or from investors towards endless patent and regulation battles.

Basically, if a major foe can removed from the board it means fewer fronts to fight on—especially when there are enough other tech companies and regulatory commissions for Google and Microsoft to deal with in court.

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