Google Will Not Renew It’s Pentagon Contract in 2019

Google Will Not Renew It's Pentagon Contract in 2019

Project Maven is a Pentagon-initiated project meant to use improve how drones identify people and objects. At the moment, Google is involved in the project due to its AI expertise.

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Internally, employees have voiced dissatisfaction with the company working with the Department of Defense in improving weapon systems. While Google is set to announce its new principles about developing AI for military use next week, it will be ending its involvement with the DoD in 2019.

Company employees were reportedly informed of the decision by Google Cloud chief, Diane Greene. Dissent by employees came as they found out their work in AI was being used to help improve drones used for warfare.

The company’s role was to provide the means–software and assistance–to allow the military to review drone footage. In short, it supposedly took a hands-off approach to the actual development and fine-tuning of weapons systems but had some significant role to warrant the massive increase in revenue.

This raises the question of how else did Google participate in Project Maven. Initially, Google was making $15 million per year from its work with the Department of Defense but currently rakes in $250 million.

The open letter to CEO Sundar Pichai voicing concerns was signed by over 3,000 employees.

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