Podcasts Could Be Heading To Google Play Music Next Week

Podcasts Could Be Heading To Google Play Music Next Week

Google Play Music will feature a section for podcasts; something the company is very late on implementing. It’s something that competitor Apple has had for years and Google Play has an abundance of several Android podcast playing apps.

According to Android Police, Google told NPR that the service would be Google Play Music on Monday. Since the email was embargoed to keep news of the new section within NPR, there’s strong belief that we could see podcasts on the company’s app store next week.

Beyond that there’s very little on the particulars of the new section. There’s no reason to expect anything dramatically different to the Google Play Music design-wise, but there is the question of how things will be presented, what shows will be featured or available, or if Google will simply use the same setup as Apple.

We’ll see if anything develops in the coming few days.

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