Google ready for the competitive world of retail?

Google ready for the competitive world of retail?

Blame it all on Apple. Since their jump into the world of retail followed by Microsoft, company execs at Google have now decided that in order to be equally competitive with their two closest rivals, they will enter the world of retail.

Inside sources say that the company hopes to have retail outlets open in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season.  Reliable sources state that Google sees the stores as a necessary means for marketing their much touted Google Glass product.  The reports did not state where the stores may possibly specifically be located but that they would be in major metropolitan U.S. cities.

As a way to attract not only the hard core techies but regular consumers as well, the company has decided that it needs to let customers try the innovative smart phone style functions of their innovative augmented reality eyewear. There are plans to also sell the Nexus smartphones and Chrome computers. This type of hands on presentation is how Apple markets its products at their retail outlets.

While Google does have several Chrome Zone experience areas already in operation inside retailers such as PC World in the United Kingdom and certain Best Buy stores, one has to wonder if standalone Google retail centers are the best answer for what appears to be a push on a product that may or may not go into full production. Instead, wouldn’t a place where there is already a good deal of traffic existing be the better answer?  Even if the company had the expense of hiring more tech-savvy personnel to demonstrate Glass, it would potentially be cheaper in the long run as well as having more impact.

Although Google may be looking to control the experience the way that Apple has, there are plenty of potential pitfalls in starting the retail center business. Even with or without Glass, Google may have difficulty making a profit since their other products are already sold for such a low cost at other sources. Google products are cheap enough and so easily accessible that the company is already looking to make up for revenue through Google Play.

Going for the retail side of things is something that can either hurt or help and must not be entered into lightly. It can only be hoped that if Google does decide to jump into stand-alone retail centers they study both sides of things. Time will tell if Google can make a go of it or not.

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