Google Scoops Up Songza

Google Scoops Up Songza

In one of what is sure to be a number of big acquisitions during the second half of 2014, music service Songza has been acquired by Google.

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Launching in 2007, Songza is a music service that falls on the side of music curation where user information allows the service to create playlists according to taste. Unlike services like Pandora and Spotify, Songza relies on human-based curation via music experts.

Also a shining point of Songza is that there’s information on what users prefer to listen to depending on the setting (weather, location, etc.) Songza has a solid 5.5 million active users. At $.99 a week users can ditch ads.

Google has stated that Songza will stay as users know and love it, but it will also be used to make Google’s music based services better. As expected, both companies showered the other with praise about accomplishments and what the other will be able to do for them. Google’s official statement read:

They’ve built a great service which uses contextual expert-curated playlists to give you the right music at the right time. We aren’t planning any immediate changes to Songza, so it will continue to work like usual for existing users. Over the coming months, we’ll explore ways to bring what you love about Songza to Google Play Music. We’ll also look for opportunities to bring their great work to the music experience on YouTube and other Google products.

Songza’s official statement was short and to the point about what can be expected from being a part of Google and that they wouldn’t make any huge changes at the moment.

We can’t think of a more inspiring company to join in our quest to provide the perfect soundtrack for everything you do. No immediate changes to Songza are planned, other than making it faster, smarter, and even more fun to use. In the meantime, we’ll be walking on sunshine.

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