Google To Add Stylish Frames To Glass

Google To Add Stylish Frames To GlassWith technological accessories and smart-phones becoming a part of every day life, one can only assume that theses devices will soon become a target for the fashion industry. The most ideal candidate to be fashionably trendy are Google’s Glass, the wearable device that sits on the front and center of the face for every one to see. Google has entered talks with Warby Parker to develop stylish and fashionable frames to ensure their new device will be quite appealing and desirable to the fashion-conscious consumer. Google is quite focused on making the device stylish as well as comfortable.

According to The New York Times, sources say that Google is currently in negotiations with Warby Parker. Even though the Glass frames will not have any actual lenses, the company may be looking into releasing a variety with tinted lenses to mimic those of every day sunglasses for outdoor use.

Google has released several first-person perspective videos showing how Glass works. The device is pitched as an ever-present, hands-off addition to your smart-phone, offering a tiny display for your eye only that provides such things as the weather and Google search. They will also sport the ability to perform functions using voice commands, such as recording video or sending messages.

Google has also started its #ifhadglass campaign, which offers 8,000 people the chance to win a pair. The winners will be chosen on their submissions, which include their ideas on how Glass can be used, and the social impact they’ll provide. This is quite the prize considering the Glass is expected to retail at around $1500 and the designer-styled frames perhaps even more.

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