Google To Combat Patent Trolls With Patent Purchase Promotion

Google To Combat Patent Trolls With Patent Purchase Promotion

Tech is fertile battleground for tech lawsuits both major and seeming trivial. These suits tend to fall firmly in the realm of long waged patent disputes in this decade. Involved in these disputes are giants such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and Nintendo to name a few.

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The later part of 2014 saw these major, nasty lawsuit taper off somewhat. Decisions were reached, settlements made, and appeals are vowed. With disputes still raging among companies on multiple fronts and in different markets, Google is looking to take on one of the major causes of these disputes: patent trolls.

Patent trolls simply pick up IPs then wait. The patents on technology by a patent troll company can vary from significant to questionable significance, but are rarely used for anything by the company. With the rate technology advances and with innovations occurring every week, a company is bound to step into a patent troll’s trap. From there lawsuits are filed against the “offending company” in hopes of snagging a payday.

Google’s Patent Purchase Promotion essentially allows for people to sell their patents to the company. The specifics of how Google will handle patents that come through the program are laid out in any great detail and the company is looking at this as an “experiment” that it hopes will benefit patent holders and the industry marketplace overall.

A way to look at the approach is that it’s a “better us than them (patent trolls)” deal. Since Google would know how to deal with patent trolls should they arise and they have the resources to handle things both legally and actually using and testing the IP for intended and potential uses the company could very well be a fairly safe bet at the moment.

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